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  • I would like to thank Dr Lin and all the team for the emotional and professional support during my IVF journey. This journey is a process. So all of us we have to have a time to prepare our body. Before IVF from my experience I prepare my body by using the treatment before 2 months and I start my IVF because my body was ready and the IVF was successful. I would like to say thank you again and I wish you good luck for all women who are trying for your baby.
  • Thank you to Dr Lin and his colleagues for the professional, personalised and excellent acupuncture treatment I received to help with fertility issues. Dr Lin was so incredibly understanding and knew everything he needed to know about the medical side of things so he could compliment this with his treatment. I felt at ease and looked after throughout the whole time and the relaxation I felt during and after a treatment certainly helped me to relax and balance my energy. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommended Dr Lin to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you.
  • a female 60 yrs old lady suffer sciatica muscular skeletal problem
    I have had a great experience today in term of the difference in my relation to my body before and after the acupuncture session. I come in feeling on the edge because of constant hogging pain in my lower back and lower limbs. when the acupuncturist put the needles in I was " over-reaching' in the sense that most needles were creating a much strong sensation, much stronger than on my occasions in the past with other acupuncturists practitioner.  the end of this session which addressed my main preoccupation, I feel relaxed and more in harmony with my body . the tense machine created different sensations. in my back it was like a fizzy electricity channel, where in my lower left leg it was a pulsation. I could see it working in easing the pain, it became less intense towards the end.
    I am completely confident that this treatment is addressing my needs. thank you for nansen's help, it's precious to me.
  • PrimeAcu is the best Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic I have experienced in years. The staff is highly professional and knowledgeable and are able to provide quick relief for any kind of body pain and give highly effective massages, in fact the best massage ever. This means no more back pain and completely back pain free. I would highly recommend them to anyone and would give them 5 stars.
  • Really pleased with my treatment at Prime Acu. I was so surprised at things they picked up on with my health that I didn't even have to mention. I booked a course of six treatments of acupuncture and massage to help boost my immune system and heal an ankle injury. Amazing service, the staff are lovely and professional. I would definitely recommend - highly!
  • I have had acupuncture to assist me with fertility and I found it very helpful and a great treatment. I'm now 36 weeks pregnant. In the past I had IVF without acupuncture and it did not work. I would recommend this acupuncture for anyone who is trying to get pregnant. This is a great treatment and the staff here are the best.
  • A patient 30 years lady suffer shoulder pain 29/11/2018 Thank you for 8 seasons of acupuncture, cupping, deep tissue massage and herbal medicine. my back session is feeling much better and less frequent. I am going to continue coming every 6 to 8 weeks for follow up and to maintain my health. Immediately after my treatment, I feel relieved with all the tension relieved and feeling relaxed. then I also drink my herbal tea during the week - adjusted for if I have a cold, my period or other things and it de-stresses me at the end of the day. Dr lin Nansen is very encouraging and always make sure I am comfortable and to check my progress. The massage therapist has magic hands and I love ending my session with her amazing massages. THANK YOU See you in 2019!
  • The male patient suffers secondary progression of  M.S.
    I received regular Acupuncture and massage treatment every week. The treatment given was a high level of professional on a level of 90% professional. I am a professional logistic regional manager in O.A.E
    2 hours full body massage and Acupuncture recommend Nansen Lin very high-level standard of treatment.
    Ian P

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