Stress & Anxiety

When facing a life threatening situation the brain sends a chemical signal releasing stress hormones into the bloodstream, called the flight or fight response. Your concentration becomes more focused, reaction times faster, and strength and agility increase. When the life threatening situation ends hormonal signals are switched off and the body returns to normal. There can be internal or external stressors that cause this response. Internal stressors include, pain and inflammation. External stressors, include temperatures and psychological environments.


In today’s society this stress responses don’t always let up, problems with work, money and relations keep stress hormones high, giving the body no chance to relax and recuperate. If these stressors persist over a period of time depending on the person can cause problems such as, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mood swings, sleep disturbances etc.

How Acupuncture can help?

Acupuncture effectively treats stress disorders by unblocking stuck energy, allowing it to flow freely throughout the body. The specific calming and restorative effect on the sympathetic nervous system also helps you cope better with stressful situations, feel more relaxed and allow blood pressure and tempers to stay even.

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